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Cindi Irwin

Cynthia (Cindi) Irwin, attorney at law has been a practicing attorney for more then 30 years.  Initially, Cindi practiced law in a prosecutor capacity for the City of Columbus, Ohio. She subsequently began a solo law practice which has continued to grow through the succeeding years to current.   Prior to 1997, Cindi’s legal practice represented clients in numerous, including criminal, traffic, juvenile, domestic, civil matters, debt collection, bankruptcy, probating estates, guardianships and estate planning.  For the past fifteen (15) years, Cindi has primarily focused in the area of Probating Estates, Estate Planning and Guardianships.

Wills and Estate Planning: Cindi is most passionate in helping her clients whether it be drafting Wills and other important documents for estate planning or probating a deceased loved one’s estate. What makes her successful in supporting estate planning is her ability to help ordinary people prepare legal documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trust documents and other important estate planning documents.  This planning is critically important for almost all people because as people go through their lives they accumulate assets and people they love.  Without the proper planning documents and organization methods, a person can find themselves unprepared for the inevitable end of life or a serious health event that leaves a person incompetent to handle his/her affairs either temporarily or permanently. Cindi is a dedicated attorney in estate planning as that of making the process both informative and comfortable for her clients.

Probating Deceased Person’s Estate: Cindi is also very successful in supporting her clients in Probating a deceased person’s estate and related matters. She handles or assists Executors or Administrators to get appointed and process the assets of a person who has died.  Many times one will find themselves named in a person’s Last Will and Testament and have no idea what needs to be done. If there are assets in the deceased’ name, those assets must be probated (with some exceptions such as annuities and insurance policies).  Cindi will diligently aid her clients who do wish to participate in the process, do so. She will also handle the case from beginning to end with minimal assistance from the client should that be the client’s preferred option. Either way, Cindi will process the work of the estate in a timely manner within all counties in Ohio.

Flexibility in Scheduling and Location: Cindi is available for special needs such as appointment in hospitals, nursing homes and/or clients’ homes when difficulty of the client(s) getting to her office. She is also available at flexible times depending on her clients’ needs.